We, NEW EViL, want to bring the connection back to the audience with our haunting, fast paced, in your face rock n’ roll sound and mentality. Help us achieve our dream by investing in our first ever professional studio album, and in return you will receive the album, along with many other exciting perks!

Click the link for more info! https://igg.me/at/newevilcampaign

“… a formidable poltergeist of sound and fury…” -Tony Lee Jackson, zillahaus.com

Vocals by Sophia Anita Reyes.
Ian Bishop on the guitar.
Patrick Nagy Drums
Joe Mitchell Bass



No upcoming shows scheduled

Past Shows

03 Jul 2016 Los Angeles, CA Ham & Eggs Tavern Ham & Eggs Tavern
08 Jun 2016 Los Angeles, California ( USA ) The Lost Knight The Lost Knight
11 May 2016 Los Angeles, CA 5 Star Bar 5 Star Bar
29 Apr 2016 Los Angeles, CA The Smell The Smell
25 Mar 2016 Los Angeles, CA ( USA ) Vega's Meat Market Vega's Meat Market
28 Feb 2016 Los Angeles, CA The Smell The Smell
20 Feb 2016 San Clemente, California ( United States ) Knuckleheads Knuckleheads
13 Feb 2016 Los Angeles, CA Redwood Bar Redwood Bar
07 Feb 2016 Los Angeles, CA Loaded Hollywood Loaded Hollywood

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